Important Issues in Arizona

Mark Brnovich’s office debunked election fraud claims. He kept those conclusions secret.

Kris Mayes, who was elected to replace Brnovich in November, released three documents on Wednesday that showed that
Brnovich’s Office had devoted 60 staffers and more than 10,000 hours to investigating claims of alleged fraud in the 2020 election and found the claims either had no evidence to support them or were outright false. 

People in Republican Counties Have Higher Death Rates Than Those in Democratic Counties

A growing mortality gap between Republican and Democratic areas may largely stem from policy choices

Election denial has become big business for the Republicans

Of the 12 election-denying secretary of state candidates whom Issue One highlighted in its analysis, Arizona’s failed GOP nominee Mark Finchem spent the most with roughly $2 million in campaign expenditures. (Notably, more than half of the donations to his campaign were reportedly from out-of-state contributors.)

Tom Horne, America’s Worst State Education Official

When it comes to Arizona’s public school system, which has routinely ranked among the nation’s worst, Horne seems intent on destroying it. Previously as superintendent, Horne oversaw a proliferation of charter schools in his state. A 2021 study found Arizona to have more charter schools than nearly every other state in the country. 

Too Big of a Job: Why Maricopa County’s Ballot Printers Failed on Election Day

Votebeat analysis finds the county’s heavier paper combined with high voter turnout likely pushed aging printers past their limits

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
se·​di·​tion si-ˈdi-shən : incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

The Republican Party does not support democracy and is escalating its efforts to end it here in America.

Here is the story that the mainstream news media and commentariat should be focusing on: The Republican Party does not support democracy and is escalating its efforts to end it here in America.

The petition argues that Republican Reps. Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene "are ineligible to hold future public office" under the 14th Amendment.

The petition, with 67,000 signatures, led by Free Speech for People and MoveOn, takes aim at three Republican members of Congress in particular, citing the section of the 14th Amendment that bars from federal office anyone who has taken an oath to support the Constitution then "engaged in insurrection or rebellion."

As The 2020 Election Slipped Away, Andy Biggs And Mark Meadows Schemed To Reverse The Vote In Arizona

Based on the log, Biggs was one of Meadows’ most frequent congressional correspondents, with the pair exchanging 63 messages.
Biggs’ communications with Meadows paint a picture of two increasingly desperate men, grasping at fantastical conspiracy theories when the real votes did not produce a Trump win.